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A key computer gaming component is finally getting cheaper

A key computer gaming component is finally getting cheaper GPUs, or Graphics Processing Units, are important for gamers and crypto miners alike. Their prices are now coming back down to Earth. ADVERTISEMENT The Covid-19 pandemic and the resulting chip shortages and supply chain crisis have affected most areas of the economy, from cars to cameras. For the past two years, however, one of the worst impacted was the graphics card market.  Here’s why—and what it means that GPU prices are finally going back to normal.  Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) are specialized computer chips that primarily handle graphical operations, but they can also do plenty more. GPUs, which are also called…

by Clanhub Co.
March 9, 2022

Why We Mentor

Why We Mentor Written By: Xiled Jessi 7XSIn our world of Community gaming with various policies, obviously there are things to be learned. Any time a member may come into a new rank or position, they may come into new responsibilities. Sure training, workshops, and meetings help to give us this information but not all of us can learn easily in a group setting. Everyone learns in different ways, some like the group setting, but others prefer or may need that one on one attention to really understand what is being taught. This is why we mentor, to help members of…

by Clanhub Co.
November 4, 2021

Dealing With Toxic Online Users.

Tips For Dealing With Toxic Online Users Written By: fireballtrixieToxic people? Yeah, we have all seen our share of them. The ones that feed off their own lies or their false sense of self. No one wants to be around them, yet sometimes that is unavoidable. So, what do you do when that happens? If you can, talk to the person. Be honest and straightforward with them, but do not attack them. When your initial response is to attack them, they immediately become defensive. The lines of communication will shut down and talking becomes pointless. So, if you choose this option…

by Clanhub Co.
October 26, 2021

Kings of Gaming Re-Launches!

Kings of Gaming Re-Launches! Written By: XiledJessi 7 You mad bro? One of the greatest clap backs of time, and you're damn right that I'm sayin it. Partnered now with Xiled Syndicate, Kings of Gaming has officially re-launched. Once upon a time, things with KoG and XGN/XS weren't so, I guess you could say friendly. Many a former member of Xiled Gaming Network, had made way to Kings of Gaming to "stick it to the man". Now long gone are those days of hate. Xiled Syndicate has made major moves in an effort to evolve the gaming scene for the better. In…

by Clanhub Co.
October 26, 2021

Top Personalities to originate from the CLAN SCENE!

Top 5 Personalities to originate from the CLAN SCENE! You may not be aware of the rare and legendary scene you’re currently a member of. Our roots go back more than 20 years.. Keemstar, or as KSI knew him, DJ Keemstar, FaZe Rain, KSI (the youtuber), the Director of Global Event Sponsorships for Twitch PMS Athena, and so many more iconic personalities originate in the scene you now inhabit. You are caring the flag of millions that come before you. I encourage more of you to dive into the rich history and understand you can do anything, because so did…

by Clanhub Co.
October 10, 2021

How Clans Shaped Halo

Clans have been a part of the Xbox experience ever since Xbox Live was launched November 15, 2002. Many believe that clans were the main contributor in growing the Xbox Live and Halo community. Many also believe that they helped…

by Clanhub Co.
October 4, 2021

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