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author image by Clanhub Co. | 0 Comments | October 26, 2021

Tips For Dealing With Toxic Online Users

Written By: fireballtrixie

Toxic people? Yeah, we have all seen our share of them. The ones that feed off their own lies or their false sense of self. No one wants to be around them, yet sometimes that is unavoidable. So, what do you do when that happens? 

If you can, talk to the person. Be honest and straightforward with them, but do not attack them. When your initial response is to attack them, they immediately become defensive. The lines of communication will shut down and talking becomes pointless. So, if you choose this option use constructive criticism and compliment sandwiches to help the other person to listen with an open mind.


The best option in most cases is to just ignore them. The majority of the time their end goal is to get attention. They don’t care if it is positive or negative, any attention will do.  By ignoring them, you are denying them what they are looking for. It can be really hard to do this, but it always pays off. 


If none of these suit you, you can always give them back what they are giving you. If you choose this option, then be prepared for the repercussions of your actions. You can be labeled toxic and lose friends. People may attack you in return. This could make things worse than it was before and further complicate the issue. 


It is never fun to deal with someone like me this. Your real friends will already know who you are by your actions, so try to think through all your choices before taking action. If you take a step back and look at things objectively, you may decide it is best to just cut all ties and move on. 

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