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author image by Clanhub Co. | 0 Comments | April 2, 2022

EGS Leadership Joins Kaizen Syndicate

Earlier this week broke on twitter that longtime gaming community EGS would be closing it’s doors after many years of operation. 

The scene was curious what the next move for some of the familiar faces would be. Today Clanhub is breaking the news that EGS key leaders Eagle, Daiki, and Sveinbjørn will be teaming up with Mr XGN and other established leaders in the newly founded Kaizen Syndicate. 

After the news broke that EGS would be closing, Eagle and EGS leadership was approached by Mr XGN with an offer to help lead and form Kaizen Syndicate. After a discussion was held between current Kaizen Syndicate High Council and EGS leadership the decision was made and the Kaizen family just got a lot more promising! Here’s what the participants had to say..

“I’ve known Eagle for quite awhile now, and have always respected him as a leader and the way he cares for his people. I’m beyond thrilled to be building this with a fellow clan scene veteran, and getting to know the other leaders coming over from EGS. Kaizen Syndicate will set the standard of next generation gaming clans, and together we will lay the foundation to our legacy.”
“My name is Eagle KS, most may recognize me for my time at EGS. I am excited to join KS, something that is totally unique to the gaming scene. The idea of this community was brilliant and I definitely wanted to be apart of it. I want to thank the owners, Cory, Shelby and Stitch for allowing this to be possible. I also look forward to working with all the high council on making this community great.”
“The future looks promising and exciting but it’s kinda like the first day of school feeling too lol like everyone is unfamiliar and new to me.”
“I’m glad to be here and I’m ready to make a change in people’s lives for the better, from gaming to everyday life. LLKS”

It’s good to see retention in the clan scène, and it’s exciting to see some of the scenes brightest minds collaborating on Kaizen Syndicate. Interested in joining this upcoming community? Apply at

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