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author image by Clanhub Co. | 0 Comments | November 4, 2021

Why We Mentor

Written By: Xiled Jessi 7XS

In our world of Community gaming with various policies, obviously there are things to be learned. Any time a member may come into a new rank or position, they may come into new responsibilities. Sure training, workshops, and meetings help to give us this information but not all of us can learn easily in a group setting. Everyone learns in different ways, some like the group setting, but others prefer or may need that one on one attention to really understand what is being taught. 

This is why we mentor, to help members of ranks below us, and maybe even beside us, learn and gain experience within their respective positions. In doing so, we can help mold newer members to become great, and realize their full potential. Eventually, there will come a time when the more seasoned members decide that their time has come and they “retire” from their positions, making way for the new generation of Leadership. With having been mentored, they will have the knowledge and the experience of a seasoned Leader. 

I know for myself, I can listen to someone speak and easily take notes, but to fully understand I need an explanation as well. It helps to have someone that can take you “under their wing” and explain things in greater detail. I like to think of it as like in Bioshock, where the Big Daddy takes care of the Little Sister. Someone that can help you learn and understand your responsibilities as you and they move up in rank. I am very grateful for the many Leaders that I have had as mentors over my 7 years in XGN. They have given me the wisdom and knowledge to be where I am today. Over the years I have reached many goals from becoming General over my first Squad, becoming Division Staff, and my promotion to Board of Directors as Chief Technology Officer, Chief of Awards & Achievements, and Chief of Journalism for Xiled Syndicate.


As we interact more and more as gamers, we become close friends and eventually family. With the mentor/mentee relationship with another member it’s not a surprise that this will happen. I’ve observed myself, especially on Discord and the XS Forums, the many friendships that exist in Xiled Syndicate. Not just Xiled Syndicate, but even through Social Media Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, amd Instagram, the many friendships with members of various gaming Communities coming together. 


Members of all various ranks and positions from all around the US and other countries having a strong bond. It’s great to know that in a large Community setting like ours, we aren’t all just random members put together. We’ve come together to work towards our goals as Divisions,Departments, individuals, and most importantly a Community. We game well together, and we can all lean on each other for support when we need it most.

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