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author image by Clanhub Co. | 0 Comments | October 10, 2021

Top 5 Personalities to originate from the CLAN SCENE!

You may not be aware of the rare and legendary scene you’re currently a member of. Our roots go back more than 20 years.. Keemstar, or as KSI knew him, DJ Keemstar, FaZe Rain, KSI (the youtuber), the Director of Global Event Sponsorships for Twitch PMS Athena, and so many more iconic personalities originate in the scene you now inhabit. You are caring the flag of millions that come before you. I encourage more of you to dive into the rich history and understand you can do anything, because so did they.


Daniel M. Keem
F@G vs KSI :: The Declaration of War

Keem’s first appearance on YouTube was in a Halo 3 YouTube video from 2009, where he was recorded through the online multiplayer voice-chat.[citation needed] His first YouTube channel, ‘xDJKEEMSTAR’, was created in 2009, and dedicated to reporting on news within the YouTube community. In June 2014, he registered the channel ‘DramaAlert’. Keem often offers his own opinions on subjects he reports on.

From humble beginnings Daniel Keem, KEEMSTAR, KILLER KEEMSTAR, or DJ KEEMSTAR.. regardless the alias you know him as few people know Keem’s roots stim right back here to our humble abode of clans.. Way back in 2009 KEEMSTAR broke the internet and the clan scene when he declared war on clan scene founding community KSI.. The video was a call to arms, rallying Xbox Live to unite with his F@G (Federation of @sshole Gamers..) to exterminate gaming clan KSI from the internet.. Fast forward, KSI is still here and Keemstar is one of the most known personalities on the net..

2.) KSI (ksiojidablet)

Olajide Olayinka Williams “JJ” Olatunji 
KSI Explains how he got his name.

KSI, is a British YouTuber and rapper.[6] In 2019, he was ranked second by The Sunday Times in its list of the top 100 UK influencers.[7] He is also part of the British YouTube group known as the Sidemen.

KSI registered his main YouTube account in 2009 and built a following posting gamingcommentary videos of the FIFA video game series. To his fan base he is known to be a Fatneek, his YouTube content has diversified to include vlog and comedy style videos. As of March 2021, he has over 34 million subscribers and over 8 billion video views across his two YouTube channels.

KSI has risen to one of the largest influencers on the YouTube platform. Amazing millions of fans, it’s hard to believe KSI stands for Knowledge Strength & Integrity, hailing from his stint in KSI Halo 3 Clan. Since his time in KSI he has also launched an official music career putting out several songs, with features from some of the hottest hip-hop artist. KSI has also become what many would call a professional fighter, breaking records with every match he participates in.


Amber Dalton
PMS ATHENA / PMS Clan in the news!

PMS Clan was founded by Amber Dalton and Amy Brady, also known by their gamertags as “Athena Twin” and “Athena/Valkyrie” respectively.[4] Initially called Psychotic Man Slayers, in two years they changed for Pandora’s Mighty Soldiers as they began landing sponsors and getting opposition for its name.[1]

In various interviews the PMS Clan members stated their mission as changing the perception that competitive online and offline gaming is dominated by male hardcore gamers.

In 2004, the PMS Clan expended their presence online by forming a PlayStation division. The same year an EU Division was launched.[2]

In 2006, the PMS Clan became a partner of Verizon for FiOS Grand Tournament.[7] The same year Women in Technology International, a professional organization for tech-savyy women, selected the PMS to be their gaming ambassadors.[8]

In 2008, Alienware, a manufacturer of high-performance notebook, desktop and entertainment system, became the PMS Clan’s official PC sponsor providing PMS Clan members with Alienware Area-51® m9750 notebooks for training.

Amber is now currently the

Director of Global Event Sponsorships @Twitch and prospering in the gaming industry.. But it all begin right here in our scene.

4.) FaZE Rain

Nordan Shatt

Nordan Shat, better known by his social media name FaZe Rain is a popular YouTuber and former member of the FaZe Clan, a YouTube e-sports collective with over 50 members.

The 24-year-old from Canada is loved by fans for his vlogs and gaming content, but before the lights and glam of his Fame he was a member of KSI Global Gaming Community, under the Final Vengeance division. He’s spoke on this in numerous videos where he named off all his recent gamertags. But Rain, is a perfect example what can happen when you follow your dreams, and keep it real!

5.) LegacyKillaHD

Michael/XGN Legacy 7

Discussing everything Red Dead Redemption 2 and Elder Scrolls VI related. Legacy creates videos about all the news, information, gameplay, trailers and crazy theories you need to know! Also an avid fan of many other gaming franchises like The Last of Us. Expect the most in-depth and original content about the future of gaming from this Elgato Gaming & Kontrol Freek Partner, but before his half a million+ subs, Legacy was one of the original Founders of gaming clan Xiled Gaming Network. XGN Legacy 7 has grown past clans, but still remains apart of his legacy. Showing, you can do anything.. just not nothing.

As you have read, the Clan Scene is a unique place, and is directly responsible for some of the internets most powerful and influential gaming personalities. Not every scene on the internet has the accolades, nor the history this ones does, utilize that and reach your goals! Perhaps you’ll be added to this list..

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