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author image by Clanhub Co. | 0 Comments | November 18, 2021

Why Clans Fail?

From the beginning of the internet groups of gamers have gathered as Clans, Guilds, and Communities. Over the decades clans have brought millions of players together to share their passion for gaming and eSports.

The clan scene has seen some of gaming’s most iconic brands and organizations. However, thousands of clans are formed each year- and a very small percent actually survive the test of time. How come? Below are some of the common mistakes organizations make that affect the longevity their clan and legacy.

Hunger For PowerIf you are starting clan to “simply to be IN-charge” of it, we would suggest not bothering starting a clan at all. Because, that is the #1 reason so many clans DIE, it’s their leader started the clan, simply to be “IN CHARGE” of ‘a clan’ and to boss people. The best clans are ran by people that actually enjoy helping other people. Immature ego maniacs usually have no idea how much work is involved with running a “SUCCESSFUL” clan, that LAST any amount of time. If you have a “BAD”, UNFAIR”, “LAZY”, or “power hungry” leader, a CLAN WILL DIE.

Quality of MembersIn the clan world often enough new Clans, and Leaders are focused only on growth of statistics. Allowing some of the most ville individuals that partake in nothing but negative activities. The quality of human behind the Headset matters to your members and must matter to you.

Echo ChambersClans have historically failed because their lack of communication with peers. Often enough clans allow ego and fear of losing members to the competition. By generating a culture of fear and prohibiting communication with other clans you risk many factors. One being Quality of Members, if Clan A removed a Sexual Offender from their clan – that same offender can freely find their way into another clan that practices these anti-communication policies. If you lead out of fear you take the risk of killing your own clan – or worse harm being brought to those that believe in your clan.

Internal Drama – NO ONE IS PERFECT, therefore EVERYone must COMPROMISE from time to time. If any group of people are to get a long, people have to compromise once and awhile. Any time you get a bunch of humans together, there is going to be “DISAGREEMENTS”. If even loving “FAMILIES” have fights, you can guarantee that a clan, if it lives long enough and grows, will have a fight.

Do NOT let a fight grow or “EXPLODE” and kill your clan. Sometimes simply saying “Lets just all get in a game and play” will stop the fighting and SAVE your clan, remember that. By having clan meetings, misunderstandings can usually be avoided. Communication between the Leaders, and between the members and Leaders is very important. I would recommend having scheduled clan meetings for the clan. It helps prevent misunderstandings, and is also a good time to discuss issues and for Members to offer new ideas too.

Failure to Recruit New Members –  I was once told, A clan is like a sack of sand with a hole in at the bottom that is slowly losing it’s contents. – People have and will ALWAYLEAVE clans, no matter how good they are. We have had people leave our clan for just about any reason you can think about. We have had : a member that went to to jail, people in serious auto accidents, people loose their jobs and not able to pay their ISP, people have their phone disconnected for not paying, people bored with games, people doing poorly in school, people going away and starting college, people moving, misunderstandings, and of course FIGHTS.

You have to CONTINUALLY RECRUIT new QUAILITY members if your clan is to survive. Make sure several people on the clan spend a few hours recruiting in open forums and in games each week. Be careful NOT to spam messages anywhere. Make someone responsible for this section of the clan, make sure that they are 100% loyal to your clan.

Clans Are Not Games – A “clan’ is not a “game”. A Clan is made up of REAL people with REAL feelings. You might be looking at your monitor when you type or talk to a player a thousand miles away on the internet, but there actually is a REAL person on the other end of that conversation, typing and talking to you while looking at his monitor, they are both REAL PEOPLE. Just because you can’t touch them, does not mean they are not real breathing people that should be treated with dignity and fairness, if possible. A clan is NOT a company, it’s NOT a country, and it’s NOT the military, it is a global internet clan and should be ran as such. In a company, people show up at a set time (8am) and stay for a set amount of time (8 hours) and get paid. The company charges for it’s services. So a company is not much like a “GLOBAL clan”, that is ran for free, at times convenient for those that show up. A clan will NEVER have this luxury, and so a clan will never be as efficient as a company. In the military and a Country, you can execute people if they mess up really badly, need I say more. Act civil to people and respect all people, if they will let you. Play games for fun, but don’t “play with people” by mistreating them.

Making a clan is the EASY part, holding a clan together is the HARD part. This is based on research and I think people will recognize these elements either from there own clan or another one. Hopefully clans can use this info to their advantage and create a better atmosphere for their members.

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